Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Sketchbook creature design!

Advanced Character design finals

I wouldnt say i'm completely happy with the characters, but i think that's because at that point i hadn't been great at rendering. I still have trouble and i'm working on it.

More unposted!

I have a deep fondness for this design. It's my Creeper and at this point, it's unfinished to me. I need to go back and fix lighting issues and some design flaws and i will get around to it. I like the head especially.

Unposted older works!

This was my second sculpture i've done in my life. It was my attempt at a Mandrill going all crazy. It was done in Sculpey and took, oh, i don't know... 12 to 15 hours including armature building time. Yeah, that sounds about right. I look forward to continuing work in this medium as i love to work with my hands.

Some Male and Female action poses

Just fun practice. Happy with some, unhappy with others. Ah well, practice practice practice!

Ok so i got overwhelmed...

I had a few very busy quarters. But i'm going to rapidly post stuff i've done in those quarters. First off, here's a shiny revolver i did in Adobe Illustrator. I don't usually work in this program but i'm pretty happy with the shininess of it. Just don't like the handle.

here's the original image i based it off of: